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Snap on guides for bikes that don't have any. 


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Size: 1 1/8"

Material: Steel


Part Numbers

Part Number Color Description
CA2900 Silver 1 1/8" Cable Clamps Silver
CA2901 Black 1 1/8" Cable Clamps Black
CA2902 Red 1 1/8" Cable Clamps Red
CA2903 Gold 1 1/8" Cable Clamps Gold
CA2904 Copper 1 1/8" Cable Clamps Copper

Introducing the Pursuit Special

July 21, 2014 | Anna


We’ve been working intensely on cross product and the JYD lately, so I was beyond stoked when All-City Global Product Manager Amy “The Hammer” Kippley gave me a track chainring to design. Images of track bags full of All-City chainrings danced in my head.

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