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Our personal favorite toe clip for durability and comfort.  The Classic Plastic doubles are made from super durable plastic, are lightweight, easy to get into, and are the most comfortable clips we've ever tried.  The wide plastic front cage doesn't dig into the top of your foot or make toe clip marks on your shoes. 


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Weight: 36g
Platform Length:  Medium 60mm
Platform Length:  Large 70mm                 

Part Numbers

Part Number Color Description
TC4721 Black Classic Plastic Doubles Black Medium
TC4720 Black Classic Plastic Doubles Black Large
TC4723 White Classic Plastic Doubles White Medium
TC4722 White Classic Plastic Doubles White Large

Hennepin Bridge Shirt

August 25, 2014 | Jeff


Yep, we've got a new t-shirt and it might just be the best one yet. The photo comes from a shoot that Saisha did in January of this year for booth graphics for our Frostbike booth. Paul, the photographer, killed it and so, in addition to the cover of the new Annual, we're using it for a sweet shirt.

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