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A super deluxe version of our double toe strap constructed of two strips our new higher quality leather with a layer of non stretching laminate in the middle, topped off with our new non slip buckles.  This my friend is the Cadillac of toe straps: super stiff, super durable, super sexy. 

*Be aware that these are considerably thicker than your average double toe strap, make sure the windows in your pedals will accomodate them.  All of our pedal models will work, however the best way to do this is to pull the cages off before threading the strap through.


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Weight: 140g pair

Length: 420mm

Thickness: 5.6mm

Part Numbers

Part Number Color Description
TS4710 Black Deluxe Double Toe Strap Black
TS4711 White Deluxe Double Toe Strap White
TS4712 Brown Deluxe Double Toe Strap Brown
TS4713 Black Deluxe Double Toe Strap Black w/ Copper Buckles
TS4714 White Deluxe Double Toe Strap White w/ Copper Buckles

The Nature Boy 853 is Real and Coming this Fall

August 27, 2014 | Jeff


Yes, it's real, and it's stunning. The wait will soon be over for those of you hoping that we would apply some Macho King magic to our beloved single speed disc platform.

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