MPLS Skyline

Attention Kansas City and St. Louis, We are Coming!!!!!

Hello party people, if you happen to be in or near KC or St. Louis next week, you should totally come out and go for a ride with us. We will be hitting Kansas City on Tuesday to go for a roll around with the homies from Velo +, and on Wednesday night we will on a two night stand in St. Louis with a ride on Wednesday and the Spoked Bikes and Stuff One Year Anniversary party on Thursday.

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We got new hats!!!

We did the craziest thing imaginable and ordered some hats in new colors and w/ updated graphics. Wild right? Is your mind blown? Do you need to take some time to recover from the shock? No worries. Catch your breath. We'll be here when you're ready.

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What we ride:  Nick’s Space Horse

I hesitated posting pictures of my personal Space Horse build as it felt a little “braggy” to me but I really want to give you all a glimpse into where my brain is at. Buckle up and hold on. So truth be told I was never a big fan of the Space Horse. My only experience being the annual SaddleDrive industry event where I’d grab one and take it for a quick lap around the lower parking lot and back up the hill. The bikes are set up “to fit everyone” so the Space Horse always felt way too tall and uninspiring. Meh. In August of last year my opinion drastically changed.

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The Adventure Trend…

Let me tell you what I'm stoked on... This whole adventure / exploration thing that has absolutely exploded in the last few years. Now I'm sure you didn't just spit out your coffee in amazement (Oh really? No way!) that 'Ol Jeffy is excited about the trend that everyone in the industry is excited about right now and using to hawk their product. And I realize that bike industry trends are often viewed with suspicion, as in "They're just trying to sell me something new."

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Homie Fall Fest

There are a number of things that makes MPLS a little different than your average cycling town, one of which is the fact that mountain bikes have always been a part of the scene. We have plenty of urban green spaces and trails both of the sanctioned and unsanctioned variety, and of course winter. All of which make riding around a fat tire bike pretty great. A few weeks ago the annual Homie Fall Fest took place, a late fall gathering of the tribe and pretty much just an excuse to ride bikes all day and drink beer.

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Team Koochella In Los Angeles

Post-Interbike Team Koochella, Minneapolis' own band of intrepid Women-Trans-Femme racers, pointed their rental truck towards the bright lights and big city of Los Angeles and a rendezvous with their Los Angeles counterparts, the She Wolf Attack Team. Here is a visual representation of what went down.

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