MPLS Skyline

Get Sick Day MPLS!

All-City has been tapped to head up the Minneapolis contingent of International Get Sick Day... What's this all about? Well let our friend Sean Talkington of Team Dream lay it out for you:

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Custom Nature Boy Zona Urban Racer

A few weeks back the Radavist posted about the Speedvagen Urban Racer, which was a polarizing bike to say the least. That post reminded us of a customer build that we received back in April, but had not got around to posting. A modded NB Zona done up in an eerily similar way.

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All-City Japan Tour:Tempra Cycle

It's finally time to get back to sharing coverage of our 2014 Japan tour. It's been too long. Today we'll showcase Tempra Cycles, a super rad little shop that only sells Keirin bikes and All-City's. This is the only shop I know of who's only new bike line is us. (And we feel pretty great about that) The other and possibly way more interesting tidbit about the shop is that at night it transforms in the Handlebar. A little corner drinking spot.

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Opening Night at the NSC Velodrome

A few weeks back we sent our homie Marty Wood up to opening night at the velodrome to capture the magic of that wooden oval. After all of the off season maneuvering, which saw the track in jeopardy of not opening this year, it was an especially emotional and special first night of racing. Here are a few favorites from the evening.

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